Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Cold Iron Painting Competition: The Results

That escalated quickly.

I expected a few entries but there were loads and the quality is universally high.

It's taken me a while to make my decision but here it is.

Well done and many thanks to everyone who entered.

Those who wanted individual feedback, it will be coming but I'm in the build up to Salute and painting madly for the great and good.


1st Place

Stephen Warren
It seems a packing error has led to a nice bit of magical conversion.A great diorama with Aranhur doing a spell and Dahlia off to stab someone up a treat.

2nd Place
Snow Downey
Good neat and clean painting.

Honourable Mention
Matthew Womack
A nice fencing scene.

The Gallery

Andy McMaster

 Bruce Mulraney

Clayton Conduff

Colin Han

Ead Brown

Ernesto Maldonado

James Hughes

Julian Tysoe

Richard Wilkes

Sean Smart

Sean Turpin

Steve Caron

Elaborate conversion and I'm not 100% how he did it. Magic probably.