Monday, 14 October 2013

Good girls wear black.
This is a Crooked Dice Dare Sister. Which are Captain Scarlet angels by a less litigious name. I have popped a spare Crooked Dice head on and twisted the arm a bit. OOO! Look at Mr "pro sculptor" and his conversions! I like it. Painting could be neater but I did it for the fun of it.

Back in the days when I did this sort of thing for a living I would have used way more layers of paint to get it looking much smoother but nowadays(currently in enforced hiatus due to being a 24/7 carer for an alzheimerzy parent) I paint for rest and relaxation. Figures only need to look good at arms length on a table so why kill yourself to make them look good blown up x20 on a computer screen.

Unless you want to. Tis an art. No real wrongs or rights.

Which leads to this question.

What do you do when it goes a bit wrong? Not utterly ruined, just not how you'd hoped or mostly ok.

Back in the day I would have painted at it till all looked right, and eventually burned the paint off in a bath of Nitromorse.

These days I leave it. The figure is painted and therefore looks better than an unpainted one and I do tend to lose interest after the first paint so I have bags of stripped figures sitting around boring me.

Viddy this Mongoose Judge Hershy.

Judge Hershy. A bit crap.

I painted this after a stress filled, exhausting day. At the time it looked quite good. NMM, nice face, good contrast on the green. I put it down in the early am and went to bed.

Next day I noticed the rough chest badge, the plainly wrong NMM shoulders - highlights all out of whack, and the leathers could have gone a tone lighter in the highlights.

Instead of having another go I had an epiphany. Why not just leave it? It looks fine on the table and the time spent fixing it could be used to reduce the lead mountain some more. Genius idea! Been doing that ever since and the boxes of boxes of figures are slowly getting coloured in. Instead of angsting over judge hershy some more I laid into the Gene Hunt figure from the last post.

Remember the most important 5 words in figure painting.

Fuck it. That will do.

I got a new blog so fire up the Quattro.

These are made by Killer B Games from their Geezers Shut It! range.

Not Life on Mars figures. Not at all. BBC look elsewhere.

I got them ages ago to play 7tv with and I have only recently painted them. The game has a very Life on Mars-esque  show called The Beat. In the time it took me to buy and not paint them Crooked Dice managed to produce their own range of figures.
This is WPC Bird. Other than DC Not Sam Tyler the only member of the team with a brain.

Plod with caps. And one with a shooter.

Plod with helmets

Consulting detective and doctor friend.