Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Been a while since the last update...

Lots of stuff been painted, most of it commission stuff that I can't really show off, but there are a few things I can put on here.

First off, the cover to this month's Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine. Theme is the thirty years war. In the magazine I wax lyrical about how I made it. And also manage to sneak in the phrases "bang tidy" and "oosh". Well done me. And well done Editor Guy for letting me.

Next is a figure bought from the Ainsty stand at a show a while back. It is a Kevin White(Hasslefree) sculpt for the Frothers Unite website's charity. Great figure, great cause. I painted her up as a John Carter on Mars-esque warrior princess. Hence the red skintone.

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